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Aisha Ismail is a 47 years old widow who lives at Lagos Street by Bama Road junction Maiduguri with 11 children. Aisha hasn’t been making profit from her Kunu, Zobo and pure water business therefore feeding her family has been difficult and life has been a tussle for them because she sells in small quantity. With the FAO intervention in collaboration with LHI who brought the GLSA which is aimed at improving the livelihood of beneficiaries.


Aisha joined the Aminchi GSLA and collected a loan of #16,000 which she was able to use to boost her business. She buys the raw materials for her local drinks in large quantity unlike before that she buys in plates. She realizes a profit of about N3,000 weekly and has paid back the loan collected.

According to her “I am a widow but I support my children very well because I have improved my business, my kids do sell for me after school too and I make much profit, I buy them books and pencils for school. When I was making in small quantity my children have to buy what I sell to drink as breakfast but now they drink from me and I still sell because it’s in large quantity, I pay their school fees and cloth them from my business. 


I’m indeed grateful to the intervention for changing my life”.