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It was a passion and a burden for the less privileged children at the Orphanage that spurred the heart of our pioneering director and when he shared with few friends, they were motivated and it was decided that all major religious festivities and national holidays would be used to do some special for these kids and it was christened Beulah Project. This was sometimes in 2004 and officially inaugurated on October 1st 2004.

By 2005, we started included Children Parties to our activities as a means of recreational development; organized children parties for the orphans and vulnerable children and for the general children population such as Easter Children Cantata, Sallah Children Party, Christmas Children Carnival, Independence Day Celebration and May Children Day which were held in any open space even Hotels. As that year runs to the end, there became an obvious need for an open space to use as a playground and by April 2006, we acquired plots of land that we presently called land Goshen Development Centre to serve as an administrative nerve and for recreational development purposes. Not too long after, we started organizing Scrabbles and Table Tennis Championship for Secondary School Students. At the turn of 2006, our vision was enlarged to reach out to Orphans and Vulnerable Children and women in the rural communities. To maximize this, there was a name changed as this was also a pre-requisite for Corporate Affairs Commission registration. By Sept 27th 2007, we were officially registered as Life Helpers Initiative as a not for profit, non-governmental organization with focus on Education, Health, Social and Community development. Our motto was and remains, ‘Putting A Smile On A Face’.

Following the land acquisition, LHI came up with a plan to develop a multipurpose social and empowering centre, which will include a playground, a Vocational Skill Centre [Sewing, Bead making, hairdressing, Computer Centre], a Conference hall, and a gym with office complex. This was to be over a 10years period [2006 -2016]. Individuals, families, BOT members, staff members and other corporate organizations have continued to support this.

LHI officially started with 4 staff, an Industrial Training Student and a volunteer. Our general program and project relations started around 2007 with Society for Family Health and Acquire Fistula, Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria. In 2009, with the approval of our BOT, we leveraged the wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the community; we inaugurated a Community Committee with 5 members. And in 2012, 5 of our staff composed a song for the organisation which has since been adopted as our official anthem.


Life Helpers Initiative recognises the need to leverage on knowledge, capacity and resources in order to achieve its objectives as an organisation, develop capacity of its workforce and also bring the maximal impact to the various communities of interest. LHI has been privileged to work with a few government ministries and agencies, international and national partners over these years. These partners include:

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Touching Lives; Transforming Families; Impacting Communities

LHI works extensively to support people in the rural communities and the urban poor in the core north west of Nigeria especially Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara States. Our core target categories are

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