Having figured out the low level of literacy and poverty among the rural dwellers, our efforts are focused, towards mobilizing households and leaders in the community to improve girl child education, school enrolment and empower them for effective learning. We encourage access to basic education and quantitative learning for orphans, vulnerable children and girl child. We also use sports as a tool for academic, social development and general recreation.

We started about 9 years, a Child Development Program, which caters consistently for over 70 vulnerable children with the required services under the National OVC framework. We also run an Adolescent Girls Program which supports the selected beneficiaries with life skills development, after school support and vocational skills. Over 100 girls have benefitted from the program over the years.

We have also engages the government administrators both at the state and local government levels on education issues like budgeting, learning span planning; traditional and community stakeholders especially on galvanizing and strengthening community support system for vulnerable children and children which has also helped to reduce the rate of school drop-outs