It is obvious that among rural dwellers, poverty is very high. Poverty can be addressed by social nets and putting in place mechanisms that will support households in making decisions and taking actions that can help them to grow their livelihood base in as peasant farmers, petty traders and housewives. This is why part of our thrust includes women mobilization and empowerment through formation, strengthening, educating and mentoring of Women groups, Village Saving & Loans Groups/Cooperatives. Through these groups, we support the women with financial information, income generation skills, financial management, and understanding market mechanisms as well as provide them with supports, linkages and referrals to funding capital and material support. Some of these groups also provide soft loans used for small capitals through the in-house contributions and savings. Continuous capacity building and mentoring is provided regularly.

Life Helpers also support the community leaders through the community level structures called Ward Development Committees; Youths, are also transformed through our capacity building trainings, Talks, Seminars and other platforms on Leadership Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Decision making, Negotiation & Advocacy Skills among others.