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 Yashua Abubakar Dikkwa is a 45 year’s old married woman living in Polo area of Borno State with 6 children. She was into poultry business which later collapsed because she lacks business orientation and it hasn’t been easy for her to cope with her children.

She said, “I sat for a long period of time doing nothing. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but thank God for the FAO intervention in collaboration with LHI who introduced the GLSA which is aimed at improving the livelihood of beneficiaries. On hearing about the association


I joined the Albarka GSLA and was granted a loan of N10, 000 upon my request; I invested the money into food business and have been selling fried yam, jollof rice and Kunu for a living. I make a profit of N4,000-N5,000 every week and was also able to pay back the loan collected”. Yashua expressed her joy as she said I send my children to school and support even my neighbor’s children and give my children good shelter. I was trained on how to manage my business properly and it has worked effectively for me. I’m glad because I can now stand on my own”.