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Fatima Yahaya, a 13year girl, who lived with her parents in Anguwar Ihun ka Banza of  Damagum community, Fune LGA of Yobe State Nigeria. 

From a poor background, Fatima’s parents have no formal education, hardly before now  have there been anything like community support that could make her parent  accountable for her education or even stir up the little desire to go back to school that 

was in her. Her parents believe education is never important especially for a girlchild and 

they see it as a total waste of resources since they could barely eat two square meals in a 


Fatima have been hawking for a while now to help her parents raise money to take care of 

her and her siblings. Dropping out of school was something Fatima never blames her  parent for but instead work extra hard, by hawking, and also going from house to house 

to do people chores and in return, she gets paid while with empty stomach. 

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