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In Sokoto state and other core northwest zone of Nigeria the health indices are relatively stumpy in many areas which made our effort in this area more confident and engaging. The well being of people especially rural dwellers working with government agencies, ministries, local government authorities as well as international, national and local partners in order to help improve well being and survival rate thereby saving lives. Through the relevant strategies, we actively worked in the area of:

  1. Maternal Newborn Child Health, targeting pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5. We work closely with health officials at the local government level, Community Health Extension Workers at the Health facilities, Community level structures and organizations and Traditional Birth Attendants. In other to make our work sustainable, we work to have a seed stock of Community Based Volunteers who we identify, built their capacities, mentor and monitor them in all communities of our interest. We are strongly involved in community based distribution of the life saving commodities such as LLIN, Misoprostol, Chlorhexidine, Digluconate 7.1%
  2. HIV/AIDS with Tuberculosis, reaching out to mostly populations who can be at risk and also female sex workers, seasonal migrant workers, injection drug users, uniformed service men and the general population. Using the Minimum Prevention Package of Intervention, LHI is working dedicatedly to see to the reduction of the spread of HIV. Due to the socio-cultural set-up of our environment which is strongly closed up, the level of stigma and discrimination is unacceptably high. We are working hand in hand with the network of people living with HIV/AIDS to address this regularly consulting with stakeholders, setting up and mentoring HIV Support Groups as well as strengthening their capacity with Life skills. In addition, we linked up with health facilities with comprehensive services and provide referrals for clients and help to improve health care deliveries to the clients.
  3. Nutrition and Hygiene are one of the thematic focuses of Life Helpers due to the obvious reason that our targeted people are of the lowest income, living in poor conditions. Infant and Young Child Feeding, nutrition for the elderly, Mal-nutritional, developing Local food contents, kitchen garden, hand washing, personal, household, environmental hygiene among a few. Through our community mobilization and capacity building initiatives as well as advocacy, linkages and referrals, LHI thrust has massively contributed to transforming families and impact communities
  4. Adolescent Reproductive Health,has helped many young people, male or female to be groomed and positioned to make correct and proper decisions in the adult life while they maximize their adolescent period with the adequate, accurate and relevant information as well as empowering them with needful Life Skills such negotiation, making decision, planning etc. In a unique way, LHI is influencing young unmarried girls through the setting up of clubs and centers which served as safe space to share, learn and find mutual support and through the use of Focal Group meetings and sports especially Football, Table Tennis, many adolescent and young boys are reached and key relevant messages on sexual transmitted diseases, drugs among a few are communicated adequately and correctly.
  5. Malaria, in many communities and households remains a deadly plague. At LHI, we are working with government agencies and its officials, international, national and local partners, traditional and religious stakeholders to ensure that lives of pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5 are saved. We are involved in community based outreaches which provides us the platform for enlightenment and education; strategic community based distribution of long lasting insecticidal nets; conduct community based rapid determinant test and ACT.
  6. Family Planning or Child Spacing as it is preferably called is one of the strategies in reducing maternal and child mortality. And as an organization, we are committed to promote all and any proven opportunity to help save lives. It is for this reason that LHI through our community mobilization efforts constantly enlighten and educate women and men of the importance, benefit and available methods. And when required, we make referrals and conduct follow up for clients.
  7. Hypertension and Diabetes: are a clone silence disease that affects men and women of all ages both in the urban and rural communities. Part of their deadly impact is rooted in ignorance and indifference. We seek to address these underlying factors through enlightenment and dissemination of correct, adequate and timely information to the people including pregnant and nursing mothers. We also through our outreach provide platform and opportunity for random sugar level test, knowing of height, weight and blood pressure.